About Asiamed

ASIAMED recognises ISO 26000 as a reference document that provides guidance for the implementation of our social responsibility and corporate governance initiatives.


ASIAMED is committed to meeting customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its medical devices, services, and its GDPMDS Quality Management System. ASIAMED is committed to maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by means of internal audits, management reviews and corrective action and preventive action procedures for any Quality Management System non-conformances.

ASIAMED’s Quality Values are woven through all departments and functions of the organization and there is great pride in the products and service provided. The top management of ASIAMED continually assesses all operations in an effort to improve performance and satisfaction of customer requirements.

• We deliver on our promises
• We are empowered to deliver exceptional customer service
• We challenge our ability
• We enjoy achieving
• We uphold a high quality in all that we do

• To be your diagnostic partner for improved patient outcomes


• To provide physicians with clinically relevant, innovative and cost-effective products that improve the patient’s quality of life.

Cancer is still the number one cause of death and disability in Asia & the Middle East, therefore we are dedicated to developing services that put more control in the hands of the physicians and thus contribute to successful outcomes for every patient.

This partnership brings with it decades of expertise, both of value added distribution and differentiated service solutions, but also innovative research and development and high quality manufacturing processes.

The physician is at the core of everything we do. This focus together with our detailed product expertise ensures the provision of unrivalled customer care and excellent on-going product support, which have become synonymous with the AsiaMed brand.

These core values are as important today as they ever have been. They are all about doing the right thing which is, quite simply, how we do business.