Bonopty Bone Biopsy System, 14 Gauge

Bonopty Bone Biopsy System, 14 Gauge

Bonopty® Penetration Set 14G


Penetration Cannula with Stylet

(OD 2.1 mm, ID 1.8 mm, Length 6.5/9.5/13 cm)


(Diameter 1.7 mm Length 9.2/12.2/16 cm)

Depth Gauge

Sterile, single use

Ordering information:

10-1062 Penetration Set 14G, 6.5 cm

10-1072 Penetration Set 14G, 9.5 cm

10-1082 Penetration Set 14G, 13 cm





The Bonopty® 14G system for bone biopsies has been a success since it first reached the market. Today, Bonopty® 14G exists in three lengths, all to perfectly match your various needs.


Gain access into the bone, even through thick cortical bone

Coaxial system facilitates multiple sampling, or treatment of lesions

Achieve excellent core samples with few crusch artifacts

Successfully sample somewhat sclerotic lesions

A variety of lenghts enhance perfect match for every procedure