Morrison Steerable Needle

Morrison Steerable Needle

Morrison Steerable Needle™ 21G

Steerable stylet


(ID 0.68 mm, OD 0.82mm (21G), 

Length 17 cm)

Sterile, single use

Ordering information:

13500 Morrison Steerable Needle™ 21G


Morrison Steerable Needle™ is the first steerable needle enabling active guidance around objects within the body.


Steer distal end of needle with live feedback under image guidance

Curve around sensitive structures and dangerous areas

Facilitates precise needle placement

Multipurpose needle for aspiration, injection and biopsy

Using Morrison Steerable Needle™ it is possible to:


Make major adjustments around bones, organs or neurovascular structures

Make minor adjustments near target

Make multiple adjustments as needle is advanced