Percutaneous Drainage Accessories - Guidewire

Percutaneous Drainage Accessories - Guidewire


  •  Three options available, Nitinol shaft, Palladium Radiopaque coil tip guidewire/Nitinol Core Hydrophilic coated guidewire/Teflon PTFE pre-coated design.
     Nitinol shaft, Palladium Radiopaque coil tip guidewire:Straight 0.018" available in 80cm.
     Nitinol Coare Hydrophilic coated guidewire:Nitinol alloy core, soft and taper rounded distal end provides optimal  torque control for superior navigation, straight 0.035"/0.038" available in 90 and 150cm.
     PTFE pre-coated coil guidewire: Teflon PTFE pre-coated design, straight and J tip designs, with enhanced stainless core PTFE coated spring over the core decrease insertion and withdrawal force.
     Supplied sterile in peel-open packages.
     Intended for one-time use.




‧Intended for one-time use.

Nitinol Guidewire Teflon Coated Guidewire


Order Number Description
GW-S-018-80 0.018"/80cm/Straight Tip/Palladium Radiopaque Coil Tip/Nitinol Shaft
GW-S-018-80S 0.018"/80cm/Straight Tip/Palladium Radiopaque Coil Tip/Stainless Steel Shaft
GW-J3-035-90 0.035"/90cm/3mm J/Stiff shaft/Teflon Coated
GW-J3-035-90A 0.035"/90cm/3mm J/Teflon Coated
GW-J3-035-150 0.035"/150cm/3mm J/Stiff shaft/Teflon Coated
GW-J3-035-150A 0.035"/150cm/3mm J/Teflon Coated
GW-J3-038-90 0.038"/90cm/3mm J/Teflon Coated
GW-J3-038-150 0.038"/150cm/3mm J/Teflon Coated
GW-S-035-90-HC 0.035"/90cm/Straight/Nitinol/Hydrophilic Coated
GW-S-035-150-HC 0.035"/150cm/Straight/Nitinol/Hydrophilic Coated
GW-S-038-90-HC 0.038"/90cm/Straight/Nitinol/Hydrophilic Coated
GW-S-038-150-HC 0.038"/150cm/Straight/Nitinol/Hydrophilic Coated