We are one of the sponsors for recently concluded,  Singapore Congress of Radiology 2016, 19 -21 Feb 2016, Academia, Singapore 
Our Profile

Founded in 2008, AsiaMed has a sizable operation throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Myanmar with more than 80 products registered in these countries. AsiaMed markets, sells, stores and distributes a comprehensive range of products which includes a wide range of medical devices for Peripheral Interventional Radiology, Vascular Access, Oncology / Surgery, Haematology, Wound care and disinfectant products . AsiaMed storage facilities conform to GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practice For Medical Devices) allowing the company to achieve high standards in its storage and distribution activities and is constantly evolving, expanding and improving its processes and procedures to meet with regulatory requirements as well as the needs of our valued customers. AsiaMed also works very closely with reputable manufacturers worldwide to sell, store and distribute good quality and affordable products to meet the holistic needs of our customers. AsiaMed plays an integral role in providing affordable, quality products and AsiaMed takes pride in upholding such a responsibility.

Mission and vision statement:

To be a reliable and trusted distributor and provider of healthcare products for Singapore and the Regions.

Core Values:

• Trust – honesty and integrity
• Quality – to provide quality products and services to all our business partners
• Confidence – Trust and Quality builds confidence and customer satisfaction
• Good Relations – with our customers, principals and our people

Capabilities (Scope of work):

• Storage and distribution support based on the requirements of Good Distribution Practices
• Experienced sales team
• Product registration and regulatory support


• To be one of the leading healthcare distributors in Singapore and in the South East Asia Region.
• To continue to uphold the good reputation of the company’s services with all our stakeholders